Easiest Top10 Risk Of Rain 2 Mods [2021 Guide]

The top 10 risks of the game Rain 2, as seen by the developers.

The risk of rain 2 mod manager is a tool that allows users to install mods for the game without having to use the Steam Workshop.

Risk of Rain 2 Mods may help you improve your gaming experience.


What are the greatest Risk of Rain 2 mods, you may wonder?

Risk of Rain 2 is a roguelike third-person shooter game created by Hopoo Games in which you must live in a hostile environment.

You may battle with a maximum of three individuals, all of whom must be your pals, on unknown worlds.

However, if you want characters like Goku who can help you win battles and a BiggerBazaar where you can buy anything you need,

Then you might look at Risk of Rain 2 Mods.

We’ve compiled a list of the greatest Risk of Rain 2 mods for you below.

Is Risk of Rain 2 moddable?

Risk of Rain 2 does have modifications, but you’ll have to get them through Thunderstore.

Furthermore, these modifications will improve your roguelike experience.

Do the modifications for Risk of Rain 2 work in multiplayer?

Yes, mods for Risk of Rain 2 function in multiplayer, however the game may get stuck.

Alternatively, you must ensure that every participant in the lobby is running the same mod, otherwise the game will not start.

Next, we’ll look at the 10 Best Risk of Rain 2 Mods.

Best Character Mod: MinerUnearthed

The MinerUnearthed, which was originally created and utilized in the first portion of Risk of Rain, is returning in the Risk of Rain 2 modifications.

The creator, Rob, recreated the Miner mod in 3D so that players may experience the same action as they did in the first section of Risk of Rain.

Drill Charge, BackBlast, and To The Stars are among the features included.

The Miner assaults by approaching the opponent and using pickaxes.

You will get a custom boss mod called Direseeker when you download MinerUnearthed, which was created in the first section of Risk of Rain.

Minner may also be used in a multi-player match to demonstrate your abilities to your buddies.

Moving on to the second-best mod for Risk of Rain 2 in our list.

Gunslinger No. 2

Inspired by the playable character Bandit in Risk of Rain 2, the developer Dragonyck created Gunslinger in Risk of Rain 2 modifications.

Extra skins, talents, and map gradients are included with the Gunslinger.

Trying out the Gunslinger mod is a lot of fun, and the features it includes will let you battle your opponents nonstop without losing.Easiest-Top10-Risk-Of-Rain-2-Mods-2021-Guide

03. Best Character Mod: Sniper

Sniper is the third-best mod on the Risk of Rain 2 Mods list.

Sniper was developed in such a unique manner by the creator Rein, and it plays in a completely different way from other Mods.

This character’s main weapon is a sniper rifle, which can do 600 percent to 900 percent damage to his foes.

When playing as a sniper, you may fire at opponents from a medium to long range, as well as utilize the Snipe and Spore abilities in close combat.

If you wish to play Sniper mod with your buddies, make sure that everyone in the lobby is running Sniper mod; else, random survivors will not be allowed.

Furthermore, the Sniper’s Backflip and Blink Knife abilities enable him to flee from the opponent before being slain.

You should try the Sniper mod in Risk of Rain 2, particularly the MUL-T Puncher ability, which adds additional fun to the character.1634374216_234_Easiest-Top10-Risk-Of-Rain-2-Mods-2021-Guide

Enforcer (#4)

The Enforcer, which was originally created and utilized in the first portion of Risk of Rain, is returning in Risk of Rain 2 modifications.

The Enforcer comes with a tear gas canister, a riot shotgun, and a shield.

This shield aids the mod in both defense and attack, since it may do damage to his opponents ranging from 250 to 700 percent.

The tear gas may persist for 16 seconds and the shotgun can be utilized in three different unlocked modes.

The Enforcer will slow down when assaulting the enemy if you use both the shotgun and the tear gas at the same time.1634374217_766_Easiest-Top10-Risk-Of-Rain-2-Mods-2021-Guide

Now we’ll go on to the 5th greatest Risk of Rain 2 mod.

Goku: The Best Random Mod

Goku is one of the greatest Risk of Rain 2 modifications if you’re a fan of Dragon Ball Z.

Goku was designed by creator Kinggrinyov in such a manner that players may use Kamehameha and Spirit Bomb to entice enemies.

Goku has a variety of abilities in this version, one of which is Ki Charge, which gathers inner energy from the Petrichor V planet’s environment to annihilate opponents.

Goku can also attack in close combat with his strong fists.

Goku is a super-strong character that can fly, run super-fast, and charge up his Kamehameha, which can do massive damage to enemies.

You may play Monsoon difficulty with the Goku mod since it is appropriate for this location.1634374217_75_Easiest-Top10-Risk-Of-Rain-2-Mods-2021-Guide

Lemurian (No. 6)

In Risk of Rain 2 Mods, Lemurian is an adversary. Many people never imagined that Lemurian would be used as a survival.

The creator Tymmey has packed the Lemurian mod with so many new skins and abilities that as it spits fire on opponents, it gains more strength, implying that Lemurian size grows.

The mod may be used in multiplayer games, however many players have reported problems, which the creators are trying to resolve.1634374218_372_Easiest-Top10-Risk-Of-Rain-2-Mods-2021-Guide

Now we’ll go on to the finest of the Risk of Rain 2 modifications.

07. Best Random Mod: ShareSuite

When playing Risk of Rain 2 multiplayer, the majority of players pilfer the things that drop after defeating the boss.

This feels unfair since you use your finest abilities to defeat the monster, yet the things you need to continue the game are stolen by a stranger.

But don’t worry, since the ShareSuite is one of the Risk of Rain 2 modifications that allows you to evenly distribute treasure.

Every time you pick up an item, everyone gets a duplicate of it, and the money goes into the common pool as well.

The greatest thing about ShareSuite is that all of the products are white-tier.1634374219_604_Easiest-Top10-Risk-Of-Rain-2-Mods-2021-Guide

BiggerBazaar is number eight on the list.

From the list of Risk of Rain 2 modifications, The BiggerBazaar is one of the most helpful.

This Bazar is where players may buy all of their goods using money, lunar coins, and gold.

BiggerBazaar features user-friendly options that allow you to change the basic pricing and rarity of goods that show in Newt’s store.

As you may be aware, the gold you earn at the conclusion of a win is lost as you advance to the next level.

As a result, it’s better to spend your money on one-of-a-kind goods and stuff that will help you live.1634374220_615_Easiest-Top10-Risk-Of-Rain-2-Mods-2021-Guide

09. Wildbook’s Multitudes: Best Random Mod

If you’re bored and lonely while playing Risk of Rain 2, the Multitudes By Wildbook addon will help you pass the time.

Multitudes By raising the number of players and the level complexity, the Wildbook mod makes the game more hard.

This option tricks the game into thinking there are more players in the game environment.

Although your money and prizes do not increase as the difficulty level rises, you do get the opportunity to kill more aliens.

Countless times If the player count is raised to 3 with the Wildbook mod, your game may get stuck or not load.1634374221_227_Easiest-Top10-Risk-Of-Rain-2-Mods-2021-Guide

Finally, we have StartingItemsGUI, one of the most popular Risk of Rain 2 modifications.

StartingItemsGUI is number ten.

Your pockets are empty when you start Risk of Rain 2, however the StartingItemsGUI mod is inspired by Undermine, Dungreed, and Dead Cells. 

This allows you to purchase things and select which ones are permanent unlocks.

StartingItemsGUI allows you to purchase whatever item you want and use it to begin your game.1634374222_623_Easiest-Top10-Risk-Of-Rain-2-Mods-2021-Guide


These are the finest Risk of Rain 2 modifications we could find for you, and if you want to view more, go over to Thunderstore.

Also, if you have any suggestions for Risk of Rain 2 modifications, please let us know in the comments area below.



  1. What is Thunderstore io, and how does it work?


    You may obtain Risk of Rain 2 modifications from Thunderstore, but be careful that you could end up downloading a virus.

  2. Is treasure in Risk of Rain 2 shared?

    You receive the same amount of treasure in single-player mode, but with the aid of a mod, you may split the wealth evenly.

  3. Does Risk of Rain 2 get more difficult as the number of players increases?


    Yes, Risk of Rain 2 becomes more difficult as the number of players increases. According to the game’s regulations, the higher the player count, the more difficult the game becomes.

The risk of rain 2 mod characters is a top10 list that includes the best mods for Risk of Rain 2.

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