How to Add a Trendline in Microsoft Excel

A trendline is a line that connects the data points on a graph and helps identify if the data is trending upward or downward. This tutorial will teach you how to add a trendline in Microsoft Excel.

Adding a trendline in Microsoft Excel is easy. The user only needs to select the data and then click on the Trendline icon.

A trendline, also known as the line of best fit, is a straight or curved line on a chart that shows some of the basic trends or, in other words, provides the data’s overall direction.

This analytical technique is mostly used to display or demonstrate data movements that occur over time, or to show a connection between two variables.

A trendline resembles a line chart in appearance, but it lacks the ability to link to some of the real data points that a line chart can. We may argue that this is the best-fit line that depicts the main trend in the data, ignoring all kinds of statistical mistakes as well as certain small exceptions. We may also utilize this to predict various trends in certain instances.

In Excel, how do you create a trendline?

The steps to create a trendline in Excel are as follows:

To do so, go to a chart and pick the data series for which you want to create a trendline.

Select Trendline by right-clicking on the chart.

Select Add Trendline from the context menu when you right-click on the data.

For your chart, choose and pick the trendline type.


You must first decide how many periods you want to include in your trend.

How can I make a chart with several trendlines?

Microsoft Excel now allows you to include several trendlines in a single chart. You may use two alternative ways to add more than one trendline.

For each data series, add a trendline.

Choose a trendline for your chart and then submit it.

If you have more than two data series, you may use the following procedure:

Select the kind of Trendline you wish to upload from the menu by right-clicking the mouse button on the data points of interest.

Your screen will be presented with a Trendline Options tab on the pane, and you can then choose the line type you want.


Rep the procedures as needed for as many more data series as you wish to submit.

As a consequence, pick each data series with the trendline and link the colors that correspond.

These are the actions to take if you want to go the alternative route:

You may pick a Trendline and then choose the kind you want by clicking on the next arrow after clicking on the Chart Elements button. The excel spreadsheet will then provide a specific set of data series that will be displayed in your chart. Then choose the required one and click OK.

For the same data set, try drawing various trendlines.

You may also create two or more distinct trendlines for the same data series, and then repeat the procedure. First, add a trendline as normal, and then repeat the process.

Right-click and pick the kind of data series you want, then choose the option to add a trendline from the context menu. You can even choose a different trend line for various categories on the pane.

Pick the Chart Elements button, then click the next arrow to add a Trendline. You may then select the kind of Trendline you wish to create.

The how to add a trendline in excel online is an article that will show you how to add a trendline in Microsoft Excel.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add a trendline in Excel 2016?

To add a trendline in Excel 2016, you must first select the data that will be used to create the trendline. Then, choose the function you wish to use from the dropdown menu on the top left corner of your screen.

Why can I not add a trendline in Excel?

Microsoft Excel does not allow users to add trendlines.

How do you add a trendline in Excel 2010?

To add a trendline in Excel 2010, you will need to use the Trendline tool. The Trendline tool can be found by clicking on the Data tab and then selecting Add Trendline.

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