How to Repair ‘Sending Messages to this Channel has been Temporarily Disabled’ Issue on Discord

If you’re having connection issues on Discord, it’s likely that your server doesn’t have a permission to send messages. The error is fairly common and often caused by users not checking the permissions for their channel or server settings. Here are some steps to fix this issue without needing to contact support.

The “iphone message not delivered” is a problem that has been present for a while. The issue can be fixed by turning on the “Sending Messages to this Channel has been Temporarily Disabled” option in Discord’s settings.

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Discord servers provide a variety of options for channel communication management. There are fine-grained options for preventing the use of particular terms, preventing message bombardment, blocking or banning people, and more.

Managing rights for all users on a server might be difficult if there are a lot of them. Things get simpler if you add more/different administrators to the server.

If you attempt to send a message over a channel, you can run across several obstacles that prohibit you from doing so. This might be due to a mistake or active administrator controls that allow you to influence the channel dialogue.

What is the meaning of the notice “Sending messages to this channel has been temporarily disabled?”


It’s also conceivable that the Internet connection you’re using to connect to the servers is unreliable or malfunctioning, which might result in this message. The connection issue may also arise if the computer is not set up to utilize the right DNS servers, in which case the DNS settings must be changed.

Faulty Discord servers: In certain situations, Discord’s principal servers are down for maintenance or are temporarily unavailable, which causes this error to appear throughout the chatting process. Servers are often maintained in order to enhance particular functionality and safeguard against attacks. It may also prohibit you from connecting to Discord, and you may be unable to access your account.

How can I fix the “Sending messages to this channel has been temporarily disabled” problem message?

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Set-up-a-new-DNS-server Changing your DNS configuration

  1. To open the “Run” window, hit Windows + R, then type ncpa.CPL and click Enter.
  2. Select Properties from the right-click menu for the Internet connection.
  3. Turn on the Use the following DNS server addresses option by double-clicking the Internet Protocol version 4 (IPV4) option.
  4. Set your preferred DNS server to and your alternative DNS server to
  5. To save your preferences, click OK, and then try speaking in Discord.

Checking the status of Discord’s service

  1. Go to the Discord status page to see what’s going on.
  2. Ascertain that “all systems are operational.”

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Most Commonly Asked Questions

  1. Discord should be restarted.
  2. Check the Discord server’s status.
  3. Your Internet connection should be changed.
  4. Your network device should be turned off.
  5. Make use of the Google DNS server.
  6. Using Discord on a separate platform would be a good idea.


A user who has been banned by you will not be able to ping you or use the “@” symbol to refer to your username on the shared servers. They will get the error notice indicated in the first paragraph if they attempt to send you a message. The person you’ve blocked, on the other hand, can see when you’re online and read your messages.


If you’re seeing this at work or school, it’s because your network administrator has disabled the app. Your region may not be compatible — If you attempt to connect to a server on another continent, you may see this message.




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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix discord not being able to send messages?

A: There are 2 ways to fix this. Either you can re-login into discord and then try sending messages again, or if that doesnt work your ISP may have a problem with their server connection. If it is the latter case, contact your ISPs support page for help resolving the issue.

How do you open TTS in discord?

A: In order to open text-to-speech in Discord, you need to go into Settings -> Audio and under General tab, make sure it is set as the Default Output Method.

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