Microsoft reported working on a new Feedback Portal preview for 2021

Microsoft is working on a new feedback portal preview for 2021. The company revealed the new platform will be built on Azure and will allow customers to provide feedback, suggestions, and ideas for future products.

Microsoft is working on a new Feedback Portal preview for 2021. The portal will be available to the public in 2020.

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  • According to recent reports, Microsoft is working on a fresh new Feedback Portal.
  • This preview version will, according to reports, be available in preview form before the end of the year.
  • This comes following Microsoft’s failure with the UserVoice consumer feedback website.


If our memory serves us right, Microsoft caused a fuss earlier this year when it abruptly shut down a number of its Office 365/Microsoft 365 UserVoice customer-feedback sites.

Microsoft executives stated at the time that UserVoice will be replaced by current and new methods for a variety of products.

Later this year, a new feedback portal will be launched.

Microsoft announced on Wednesday, October 6th, that a new Feedback Portal would be available in preview form before the end of the year.

Remember when Microsoft was phasing down UserVoice and then failing to offer a viable replacement? @maryjofoley MC289676 “Announcing Microsoft Feedback Portal” for Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Edge MC289676 “Announcing Microsoft Feedback Portal” for Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Edge @maryjofoley

October 6, 2021 — Carl Knecht (@rialtus)

Microsoft also introduced a method for IT professionals to see their customers’ product feedback through a unique mechanism in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center last year.

If you’re not sure where to look, the product feedback option is under the Health node on the Admin site.

On the site, a comment regarding Microsoft feedback dated October 5, 2021 contains the following information:

We’re working on a new experience in the Microsoft 365 admin center that allows administrators see, remove, and export feedback data for their companies to fulfill Microsoft’s legal responsibilities to customers. Customers own all user feedback data as part of their data controller responsibilities, and this functionality will help administrators provide direct transparency into their users’ experiences with Microsoft 365 products by allowing user feedback data to be provided as part of any Data Subject Request. View, export, and remove user feedback will be available to global admins and compliance data administrators. Other administrators and readers will be able to see and export feedback data, but they will not be able to conduct compliance-related activities or see details about who submitted the feedback (such as user name, email, or device name).

This implies that additional functionality and flexibility are on the way, and the greatest thing is that we won’t have to wait nearly as long.

Microsoft said that this would be available before the end of the year, implying that it will most likely be in December.

So stay tuned for further updates, as we will keep you informed of any new developments in this issue.

What are your thoughts on Microsoft’s most recent decision? Let us know what you think in the comments area below.

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The oxyna connected to the microsoft account is a preview of Microsoft’s new feedback portal. This will be for 2021, so it may not have some features that are available on the current version.

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