YouTube TV Review: Worth $65 in 2021, But It’s Not Perfect

YouTube announced its new service at the beginning of the year, but it took until now for most people to finally sign up. We’re here to tell you whether or not this is worth your time and money in 2021, if you haven’t signed up yet.

YouTube TV is a new service that offers channels for $35 per month. The service has been in beta since late 2018 and can be purchased at a discounted price of $65 until 2021. While the service has many benefits, it’s not perfect.

YouTube TV is a service that allows you to watch



  • A large number of channels are available.
  • On-demand solutions that are good
  • Excellent for DVR
  • Families will appreciate it.
  • The focus is on sports.


  • There are less expensive choices available.
  • Locals might be a problem.
  • Not everyone will like the interface.
  • DVR has various drawbacks.

In 2021, YouTube TV is worth paying $65 for live TV streaming, but it does not imply you should. Google’s live TV service provides a lot for the money, and it might be argued that it is now the finest alternative on the market. It is not, however, the only decent alternative available, and it is definitely not the cheapest.


Although YouTube TV is a younger live TV streaming service than some others, this hasn’t slowed it down. The service was initially only accessible in beta and in limited areas, and it wasn’t until early in 2019 that it was verified to be available statewide. Since then, it has grown in popularity to the point that it now has over three million users as of January 2021.

However, at $64.99 a month for the lowest — and only — plan, it is far from the most cost-effective choice. This review will attempt to clarify both the benefits and drawbacks of a YouTube TV subscription, beginning with the overall user experience, then moving on to channel selection, cloud DVR, and finally the price-to-value ratio.


Experience and simplicity of usage

Google has a history of attempting to make its services as user-friendly as possible, most notably via the usage of artificial intelligence (AI) and Google Assistant. However, YouTube TV is not as simple to use as it might be, albeit this is most likely down to the user’s level of computer knowledge.

YouTube TV will seem more simple and easy to use than many other live TV streaming services to individuals who are acquainted with them. Content that viewers are most likely to want to watch, particularly for sports lovers, will appear at the top of the app and be easily available when it is opened.

YouTube TV sportsThe home screen of YouTube TV

YouTube TV is excellent at suggesting intriguing material, so it’s simple to use in this regard. The only primary tabs on the home screen are Library (recordings, stored material, and so on), Home (where you start, recommendations, and so on), and Live (for immediate access to what’s on now and the live TV guide).

YouTube TV Live GuideYouTube TV’s live television schedule

Furthermore, the interface is well-designed, making it simple to browse through any of these parts. At the same time, whatever was playing in the background continues to play — but this may be turned off in the settings if desired. It just works and works effectively for experienced users.

However, for those who are new to streaming, YouTube TV may seem to be unnecessarily confusing, which is mostly due to the Home screen. YouTube TV strives to include as many keywords/links as possible, making it simple to navigate to highly particular sorts of content, such as “sports games” or “animated comedy.” As a consequence, the Home screen becomes cluttered and unlike to a regular TV guide. Furthermore, clicking on a term often results in the loading of more detailed links. As a result, the interface focuses nearly entirely on keywords rather than real text.

YouTube TV linksYouTube TV is all about connections.

In this regard, depending on the user, one of YouTube TV’s finest features may also be one of its worst. Others who are switching from cable may find YouTube TV to be a cluttered interface, while those who are more tuned in will certainly benefit from the depth and specificity of tags and categories.

To be honest, this isn’t a huge criticism, but that’s precisely the idea. YouTube TV is ideal for individuals who are familiar with the service and know what they’re doing, as well as those who want to watch with the ability to zero in on specific material. Others may find the design overpowering, which is particularly true for younger and older viewers.


Channels and live television programming

Channels have recently been a popular subject on YouTube TV, making this part much more difficult to rate fairly for everyone. YouTube TV has a total of more than 85 channels available. While the variety isn’t as extensive as conventional cable and satellite, it’s likely to satisfy the majority of users. Many of the main channels and networks that people watch are featured. In this regard, it currently outperforms many other providers in terms of total channel selection.

YouTube TV channelsYouTube TV channels that are popular

With the addition of NFL Network to the standard package, YouTube TV has considerably increased its sports offering. This is in addition to the Sports Plus add-on, which includes NFL RedZone and much more sports programming. The sports streaming experience was improved as a result of this addition, with crucial plays and several in-game elements readily available via the UI. YouTube TV’s channel selection and functionality make it an excellent alternative for sports enthusiasts in particular.

YouTube TV sports featuresThe important plays on YouTube TV

However, as current YouTube TV users know, owing to local channels and sports, that’s not the entire picture. Sinclair-owned channels, such as Tennis Channel and several Fox RSNs, are now unavailable on YouTube TV. If local and regional sports networks are essential to you, YouTube TV may not be the best option.

On-demand programs from YouTube TV

The focus on a rich product has been a persistent essential part of YouTube TV, and this applies to the on-demand segment as well. YouTube TV has a lot of non-live material to watch, and the UI makes it easy to find them on the Home screen. There’s a lot to select from, whether it’s individual program episodes, complete seasons, or movies.

YouTube TV moviesOn-demand movies on YouTube TV

Furthermore, YouTube TV has good TV everywhere functionality, enabling customers to log in to third-party network applications using their YouTube TV credentials. This is an excellent method to increase the quantity of on-demand material accessible with a subscription.

When the on-demand and third-party app content isn’t quite enough, YouTube TV offers a range of premium networks to pick from. For an extra monthly fee, these may be added to a subscription and include popular alternatives like HBO Max and Starz. Although adding a premium network does not always make it more affordable, some of the major advantages include a single interface for both services and the elimination of the need to sign up (and pay) for the second network separately.

Overall, there is enough of stuff on YouTube TV. Subscribers get access to a lot of on-demand material, premium networks (if they’re prepared to pay extra per month), and third-party network applications in addition to the large number of channels.

DVR and recordings on the cloud

The cloud DVD feature on YouTube TV is fantastic. To begin with, it is limitless, allowing members to record as much as they want, as frequently as they want. Those who wish to record every NFL or Premier League game, as well as every episode of their favorite television series, may do so. Furthermore, not only is the cloud DVR infinite, but it is also personal.

An account user may share a YouTube TV subscription with up to five additional individuals. They each receive their own account and have access to the same limitless recording feature. As a result, not only may up to six individuals record as much as they wish, but what one person records has no bearing on what others record on their DVR. YouTube TV is even more attractive to bigger and busier homes since each account is considered as its own subscription.

YouTube TV recordingsDVR recordings in the cloud on YouTube TV

However, the cloud DVR is not without flaws. The most important is that most recordings are only kept for nine months. While customers are allowed to record as much as they like, they will discover that many of their stored episodes and movies are destroyed until they have the leisure to view them all.

The cloud DVR’s infinite nature comes with several extra and bothersome negative effects. The most evident is that YouTube TV does not include a delete option since users do not need to remove recordings. Subscribers will instead discover that they will be unable to remove and clean up their recordings collection manually. They merely have to wait till the timer runs out and YouTube TV immediately removes the videos.

To be clear, there is an option to delete a program from the library, but this merely means that no future recordings will be made of that program. The videos that have previously been recorded are still accessible till their expiration date.

Price and worth of YouTube TV

YouTube TV began out for $35 per month, and the channel roster has grown significantly since then. Simultaneously, the price has almost risen, with a monthly membership now costing $65 per month. As a consequence, it’s not only a case of the service providing greater value over time. Almost every new channel addition can be traced back to a previous pricing rise.

YouTube TV Price increaseHistory of pricing hikes on YouTube TV

To some, this will be OK since they will be receiving more stuff while also paying more each month. For some, it does raise the issue of when YouTube TV will realize that there are enough channels. YouTube TV has shown interest in creating a more affordable package, however it is unclear when this will happen or what it will look like when it does.

Sling TV began with a monthly fee of just $20. Sling TV costs $35 per month, despite being a much older service than YouTube TV and having seen many price rises over the years. Even at almost double the price of Sling TV, there’ll always be the worry that the next YouTube TV price hike is on the way, even if it does result in additional channels.

Yes, Sling TV does not have the same amount of channels and does not give the same perks out of the gate, but the service offers so many upgrade choices that a subscriber can put together a package that is comparable to what YouTube TV has to offer. The primary issue with YouTube TV is its lack of value. YouTube TV is presently worth $65 a month, but without any choices to reduce the price, it will not be a live TV service that everyone would enjoy.

YouTube TV delivers a quality product, a generally dependable experience, and features that give value to people who can afford or want to spend $65 per month. It’s worth investigating some of the other possibilities for individuals who have ditched cable in favor of streaming and want to save as much money as possible.

Summary of the YouTube TV review

YouTube TV is a wonderful alternative for live TV streaming for $65 per month. It has a large number of channels, a (mostly) good cloud DVR, and a UI that’s nearly tailor-made for streamers. The channels, DVR, and interface sections, on the other hand, are not without issues. How important each of those concerns is to a person, as well as how much they are willing to spend, will most likely influence whether or not this is the correct service for them.

In truth, YouTube TV may not be the ideal solution for individuals who just want access to a few stations. Sling TV and Philo are both substantially less expensive options that, assuming they contain enough of the channels a customer wants, are likely to be the superior option. YouTube TV is perhaps the greatest live TV streaming service available right now for anybody searching for a rich and strong alternative to cable or satellite (and who wants to avoid AT&T).

Additional information about YouTube TV

Before signing up for YouTube TV, there are a few things to keep in mind if you’re new to streaming. Many of these difficulties apply to live TV streaming in general, not only YouTube TV. Consumers will want to make sure the remainder of their current setup is as optimized as possible for YouTube TV in order to have the greatest experience possible.

Because YouTube TV is a service that streams live TV channels and content over the internet, it’s essential to have a decent internet connection. Officially, YouTube TV recommends a connection speed of 13 Mbps for the best stable connection.

Minimum internet speeds for YouTube TV:

Speed What can you expect?
3Mbps+ video streaming in standard definition (SD)
7Mbps+ Only one device can stream HD video at a time.
13Mbps+ At the same time, HD video is being streamed on many devices.

Consumers will want to make sure they have a gadget that is compatible with YouTube TV in addition to having a fast internet connection. Although YouTube TV is technically a better device-supported service than others, there will still be times when customers are unable to access YouTube TV on their chosen devices.

Platforms that are presently supported include:

  • Amazon Fire TV is a streaming media player from Amazon.
  • Android Television (Android TV)
  • Apple TV
  • Roku

For a complete list of YouTube TV’s device compatibility, see this page.

Additional information

When it comes to picking a live TV streaming service, channel selection, pricing, and overall experience are all significant factors to consider, but they are not the only ones to consider. Additional resources are included below to assist you in determining if YouTube TV is the correct live TV streaming service for you.

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The “what is the downside of youtube tv” is a question that has been asked a lot, but it’s not a perfect service. The YouTube TV review will answer your questions about this service.

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