YouTube TV Subscribers Can Get Epix for 3 Months for $9 (Prepay Required)

YouTube TV is a new service that offers live television for $35 per month. The subscription includes the ability to watch on-demand content and access to ad-free YouTube. Customers can also add HBO, Showtime, and Cinemax for an additional fee. A new promotion will allow users to get Epix for 3 months with a prepaid card of $9, which would normally cost $39.99.

YouTube is changing the game with their new service, YouTube TV. For $35 a month, you can now watch all of your favorite shows on any device that connects to the internet without ads! Now there is only one question left – what kind of movies will be offered? Get access to exclusive content like HBO Epix for just 3 months with this deal before it expires!

Subscribers to YouTube TV may now prepay for three months of Epix and save money on the entire cost. Although this contract would increase the already high price of YouTube TV, it provides a means to acquire access to Epix’s extra movies and episodes at a lesser cost than normal.


Epix is a standalone streaming service that offers a vast range of programs, movies, and other content. Epix subscriptions are presently $5.99 a month on their own. Those interested in the service may sign up directly via Epix and then download the Epix Now app on their device of choice. It’s also possible to just add Epix as a premium channel to an existing live TV bundle, such as YouTube TV.

Now, for the first three months, YouTube TV is offering a deal that reduces the cost of an Epix membership. Instead of paying the whole $18 for the premium channel over the course of three months, YouTube TV users will just have to pay $9. Epix is presently half-price for the next three months.


The offer is open to both new and current YouTube TV subscribers, and there are no codes or other barriers to entry. Existing users may simply add Epix to their plan through the YouTube TV website, while new members will be given the opportunity to add the cheaper Epix subscription when they sign up and confirm their basic live TV package.

Before you add Epix, there are a few things you should know.

One of the most significant factors to be aware of, as is customary with this sort of offer, is the transition to the full price. Subscribers to YouTube TV will be automatically billed at the higher $6 per month fee once the first three months are over. As a result, anybody who does not want to continue with Epix at the full price must delete the add-on before the three-month time expires.

It’s also worth mentioning that this bargain necessitates immediate payment for the next three months. Although, at $9 all-in, it’s not much more costly than the $6 that new users are required to pay when they sign up. In addition, unlike the seven-day free trial offered by Epix when signing up directly, YouTube TV does not seem to be giving a free trial with this package. For the record, this Epix offer will be accessible to YouTube TV customers until July 29, 2021, so there’s no need to join up right now.

YouTube TV is a streaming service that provides live television channels. The service is available for $35. However, the offer of 3 months of Epix for $9 requires a prepayment. Reference: how much is youtube tv a month.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to add EPIX to YouTube TV?

A: EPIX is the only channel that YouTube TV does not offer. A subscription to EPIX will cost $10 per month or $120 for a year, plus taxes and shipping fees.

Is EPIX included with YouTube TV?

A: EPIX is a channel that can be found on the YouTube TV platform.

How can I watch EPIX for free?

A: You can watch EPIX for free by signing up at the website, or subscribing to it on your PlayStation Vue subscription.

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