7 Simple Mac Hacks For Graphic Designers

A well designed website can boost your business and improve the appeal of you brand. Take a moment to consider these simple hacks that will make designing on Mac easier, faster, and more efficient.

The “what is graphic design” is a question that gets asked often. It’s hard to answer without any context, but I will try my best to give you an introduction paragraph.

Graphic designers are significantly more inventive than we realize. Professionals are turning over every stone to keep up with the industry’s pace and remain competitive. Graphic designers, in fact, extract more from their computers in order to be able to release their creativity in a variety of ways.

In this post, we’ll go over a few ideas for graphic artists who want to get the most out of their MacBooks. Apple laptops are, after all, quite popular among graphic artists.

Graphic Designers: 7 Mac Hacks

The greatest 7 Mac hacks for graphic artists are listed here.

Scratch Disk Error Fix

You never want to receive a Photoshop message that states “could not finish your request because the scratch disk is full,” whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned master. This is a frequent error message seen by graphic artists while using Photoshop.

Photoshop utilizes additional disks to store interim project files when there isn’t enough RAM. This drive is known as the scratch drive, and it is utilized by the graphic design program as virtual memory. When this warning occurs, the program is likely to crash or shut down incorrectly.

To fix the problem, you must erase Photoshop-related project files. This will assist you in clearing space on your scratch drive.

Mac Storage Optimization

Regular Mac hard drive optimization is the most effective technique to keep storage to a minimum. Delete any files that you don’t need right now or in the near future, since you may always reinstall them later. After that, transfer all of your files, folders, photos, videos, and email attachments to the external storage device.


To help your computer work quicker and store more data, you may add extra RAM or a solid-state drive (SSD). Delete any unnecessary and garbage data on your Mac manually or through third-party free cleaners. To free up storage, go to the Apple logo, choose About This Mac, select the Storage tab, then select Manage under Storage to see all of the choices for optimizing your Mac. 

Depending on your needs, you may choose to relocate to the cloud, empty trash automatically, reduce clutter, or optimize storage.

Startup programs should be disabled.

When your computer boots, a number of programs and apps run automatically. These apps are known as login items or startup things, and they take up a lot of room on your Mac’s hard disk. Because you’re a graphic designer, you’re probably already utilizing storage-intensive programs, and the startup apps are putting needless strain on the CPU.

Each starting item uses a certain amount of resources, which has an influence on your computer’s performance. As a result, turning off these applications is the best option. Click Users & Groups, pick Username, and then touch the Login Items tab in System Preferences. When you start your computer, you’ll see a list of applications and programs that will automatically launch.

Identify any applications that don’t make sense or that you’re no longer using and deactivate them immediately by clicking the – (Remove) button.

Update macOS and your apps

To stay up with the times, you must update and upgrade your computer, operating system, software, and hardware on a regular basis. Apple provides free macOS upgrades on a regular basis. The majority of these updates contain critical security fixes that safeguard your system from viruses and malware assaults.


Graphic artists must maintain their PCs up to date by downloading and applying manufacturer updates. This is critical for all users, regardless of whether they use macOS, Windows, or another operating system. It extends your computer’s life, improves its performance, and boosts your productivity.

To see whether there’s a new update available, go to the Apple logo, go to About This Mac, press on Software Update, and look for it. Install everything relevant if it exists.

Extensions and add-ons should be removed.

It’s not always the WiFi or the router that’s to blame for a slowdown in your web browser’s performance. Check whether you’ve installed a lot of browser extensions and add-ons that can be interfering with your browser’s smooth operation.

Although browser extensions and add-ons are useful, too many of them diminish the online surfing experience. They cause the browser to become overloaded, and hence must be removed. Immediately deleting or uninstalling them may help, but it may leave a residue, so you can also try utilizing automated and add-on cleaners to get rid of them.

Now restart your Mac to see whether it’s running at top speed, and then open the browser to see how it performs.

Check out the many design applications that are available.

Working as a graphic designer would be almost impossible without the correct software. As a result, you’ll want to look into the various possibilities and choose which ones make the most sense for you.

Given the popularity of MacBooks among graphic artists, it’s likely that both free and commercial software with a variety of capabilities will be available.

Adobe Photoshop is one notable exception, and it is not limited to macOS. CorelDRAW, Sumo Paint, and ImageMagick are all popular options.

Before you commit to a design software, have a look at its features and make sure you’re familiar with it. If an app is free, you shouldn’t be too concerned; but, paying for a product that doesn’t match your expectations seems like a waste of money, right?

Make use of the Sidecar feature.

Working on a tablet next to a computer is typical, and MacBook users are no exception. The sidecar functionality in macOS just debuted, allowing designers to utilize an iPad as a second monitor. You may use a wireless connection to connect your Mac and iPad and sketch on it. The MacBook’s screen will reflect your work.


7 basic Mac hacks for graphic artists are presented in this post. Overall, it’s no wonder that Macs are so popular among creative professionals, including graphic designers. If you’re in the market for a new computer, a MacBook is an excellent choice.

If you decide to acquire a MacBook or already have one, use the knowledge in this article to make your job as a graphic designer even better.

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