How To Add A Video To Google Slides Easily

You might have a PowerPoint presentation, but you want to add a video in Google Slides for your audience. This article will show you how easy it is to add videos from YouTube and Vimeo into Google Slides with just three steps! What You Will Learn: How To Add A Video To Your Presentation Easily.

The life of a Google Slides editor is often stressful. Editing all those videos to fit your presentation format can take hours, and you also have to create the visuals for the slides yourself. This tutorial will show you how to add video onto your slide with just three simple steps!Google Slides is a fantastic tool for presentations and collaboration. You can use it in conjunction with Google Docs, Sheets, and Forms to build stunning slides in minutes. Not only that but Slides makes editing your presentation easy too! However if you want to add videos or images from the web into your slide show, then you’ll need some help from someone who already has experience uploading media on their computer. Here is how I did this:

The “how to insert video into google slides on iphone” is a tutorial that will teach you how to add a video to your Google Slides.


Google Slides is a great alternative to Microsoft Powerpoint for creating graphical presentations for a variety of uses. Material producers may use pictures, graphs, audio content, videos, and other elements in their presentations. Beautiful video presentations are required for engaging slideshows. As a result, knowing how to upload a video to Google Slides is critical.

The audience is kept amused and interested through a strong presentation. You may also add audio to Google Slides using a few different methods.

What Is The Best Way To Insert A Video Into Google Slides?

A video’s purpose isn’t simply to entertain your viewers. A video-based presentation has the potential to spark debate among the audience. However, to retain your audience’s interest, be sure you utilize the finest editing choices and post brief movies.

What Is The Best Way To Insert A Video Into Google Slides?

1. Go to Google Slides and open the presentation. 2. Select the Video option from the Insert menu. 3. Click Select after inserting the URL video link. 4. Format it using the Format Options toolbar.

Note: By following these simple instructions, you may embed code in a Youtube video or add a non-YouTube video clip into your presentation. Now let’s look at how to add a movie to Google Slides with pictures in more depth.

How To Insert A YouTube Video Into A Google Slides Presentation

The simplest way to add a video to Google Slides is to use a Youtube video URL as an embeddable movie.

To begin, go to Google and open the presentation. Select Video from the drop-down menu by clicking the Insert button in the menu bar.How-To-Add-A-Video-To-Google-Slides-Easily

A dialog window will appear, requesting you to input the video. In the blank box, choose the By URL tab and paste the Youtube video URL. When you’re through with this step, click Select.1633885159_975_How-To-Add-A-Video-To-Google-Slides-Easily

You can also use Slides to search for the video on Youtube by typing the title into the search box under the Search tab. 1633885160_647_How-To-Add-A-Video-To-Google-Slides-Easily

You can attach a video without leaving your current slide presentation if you follow the steps above.1633885161_127_How-To-Add-A-Video-To-Google-Slides-Easily

You can also adjust variables like video playing time and autoplay by using the Format settings toolbar in the right pane.

In video playback time, you may choose the video dimensions you wish to play throughout the whole presentation process. If you don’t want sound or want to mute any additional audio files in the slide, you may utilize the Mute audio option in the video options.1633885163_370_How-To-Add-A-Video-To-Google-Slides-Easily

Size & Rotation, Video Position, and Drop Shadow are the other format choices.

Users may adjust the width and height of the video in a Google PowerPoint presentation using Size and Rotation. You may also use the Position tab to change the video’s position.

You may adjust the shadow displayed on the video’s outside borders using the Drop shadow option.1633885164_143_How-To-Add-A-Video-To-Google-Slides-Easily

In this way, you may create stunning movies in Google Slides depending on a variety of variables and arrange them neatly according to your preferences.

How to Insert a Video That Isn’t From YouTube

We’ve already shown how to use Google Slides to add a YouTube video. Let’s look at how to insert a movie from your computer’s hard drive or any external USB device step by step.

Select Video from the drop-down menu by clicking the Insert button in the menu bar.1633885165_875_How-To-Add-A-Video-To-Google-Slides-Easily

Pick the Google Drive tab under the Include Video option, then select the video you want to insert in the presentation slide from the ‘My Drive’ area.

It will be displayed in the ‘Shared drives’ and ‘Shared with me’ sections if you wish to embed a video that has been shared with you.

To put the Google Slides movie into the slide, click the Select button after selecting it.1633885166_968_How-To-Add-A-Video-To-Google-Slides-Easily

In this way, you’ll be able to quickly add a video to Google Slides and make your presentation more visually attractive.

How to Add Videos from a Hard Drive to a Computer

There is no direct way to import a video clip from a computer hard drive into a Google Slides presentation. However, utilizing Google Drive as a workaround is a straightforward solution in this situation. You may save the mp4 video to your Google Drive and then insert it into the slide using the technique mentioned above.

In Google Slides, How Do I Insert Animated GIFs?

Animated GIF pictures brighten the atmosphere by adding a playful element to a Google Slides or Powerpoint presentation.

Go to the Insert tab and choose Image if you have a URL link for the GIF. From the nested menu, choose By URL.1633885168_932_How-To-Add-A-Video-To-Google-Slides-Easily

Click the Insert button after pasting the URL link into the popup window. After you paste the URL, the Insert button will not appear right away.1633885169_371_How-To-Add-A-Video-To-Google-Slides-Easily

After viewing the GIF, you will have the opportunity to insert it.1633885170_356_How-To-Add-A-Video-To-Google-Slides-Easily

Following these easy procedures, the GIF will be posted to the slide for use in the presentation. You may drag and drop the GIF file from the source onto the slide if you have it on your PC.

On mobile devices, users cannot upload a video to Google Slides using the Google Slides app. As a result, the only method to upload a YouTube or Google Drive video is to use a computer.


A video is an essential component of every presentation. Using films to engage the audience and keep their attention on the topic is beneficial. The power of video, whether it’s a kid’s film or an educational video, should not be underestimated. Google Slides is Google’s answer to Microsoft Powerpoint, allowing users to make visually appealing presentations that include video. Unfortunately, although users may quickly get used to the Google Slides design, the same cannot be true about how to upload a video to Google Slides.

Users have the option of embedding a Youtube video URL link in a chosen slide or inserting it through their Google Drive account. You may alter the video playing time by setting the start and finish timings for that video if you embed it. The technique for adding the ideal video is determined on the source where the video is accessible.

The “how to add a video to google slides on chromebook” is an easy way to add videos to Google Slides. It’s as simple as dragging and dropping the file into the presentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I insert a video directly into Google Slides?

A: To insert a video into Google Slides, you will need to use the following steps. 1) Go to File in your browser 2) Select Add Video 3) Find and select the video from your device 4) Click Insert

Can you add a video from camera roll to Google Slides?

A: Yes, you can. Just follow these steps:

What is the first step to add a video to Google Slides?

A: The first step to adding a video is going over on the right side of your Google Slides and clicking Add Video as seen in image 1. This will bring up an uploader that you can use to place the videos into your presentation. You have three choices for where to upload them from, YouTube, Dropbox, or Another Drive folder.

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